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Lotus S2 Exige/Elise SERE

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Our side exit race exhaust for the Toyota/Yamaha powered Lotus S2 Elise/Exige.

The SERE can only be used with a rear panel eliminator.
  • Can be ordered with muffler or resonator, resonator is a lot more aggressive/louder
  • Entirely made from 304l stainless steel (excellent against corrosion)
  • All welds are tig welded, shielded and purged with argon
  • Reuses high quality stock lotus exhaust clamp
  • System weight with muffler is 12.5 lbs and about 8 lbs without muffler.
  • Thick walled tubing .065" 
  • For off road use only
  • Made in the USA


Notes: Muffler version is shown in pictures and video. The resonator is nearly the same length as muffler but 1" less diameter. We highly recommend the muffler version and the resonated is only for people with a very high tolerance to sound/drone.