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15+ WRX/STI Road & Track CBE G2

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Our new generation 2 Road & Track includes a flexible bellow pipe to prevent binding, reinforced hangers to handle the most extreme abuse, a chassis mounted hanger to keep tip section in place during aggressive/motorsports driving, and better clearances to keep away from critical areas.
  • Lifetime warranty including track use!
  • Has been tested for 80,000 hard miles on our 15 STI
  • Entirely made from 304l stainless steel (excellent against corrosion)
  • Compatible with OEM downpipe and OEM location downpipes that have a 3" flange
  • Full 3" tubing, 2.5" (OEM) or 3" 2-bolt flange, 3" v-band flanges, 4" turn down tip
  • Great at the track, directs exhaust noise towards the ground for lower DB
  • SS v-band flanges for easy leak free connections without needing gaskets
  • All welds are Tig welded, shielded and purged with argon
  • Thick walled tubing .065" thickness for extra durability
  • Includes 2-bolt gasket, hardware, v-band clamps, and chassis mount
  • Guaranteed fit with our new G2 downpipe
  • Newly added brushed tip option
  • Made in the USA



  • Our Gen 1 Road & Track is featured in the sound clips below, there's no difference in sound between Gen 1 and Gen 2.
  • First video: stock turbo, stock turbo manifold, catless downpipe
  • Second video: 1.5xtr turbo, equal length turbo manifold, catless downpipe
  • Not guaranteed to fit other brand downpipes, we designed this CBE using the OEM downpipe.
  • Not designed for cars lowered more than 1.5”
  • For off road use only