02-07 WRX/STi RT CBE

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  • $ 900

  • Entirely made from 304l stainless steel, excellent against corrosion
  • Compatible with OEM downpipe and OEM location Downpipes that have a 3" flange
  • Full 3" tubing, 2.5" (OEM) or 3" 2-bolt flange, 3" v-band flanges, 3.5" turn down tip
  • Custom made/tuned Helmholtz resonator for less drone
  • Helmholtz resonator is tucked up and hidden from sight
  • Your choice to add resonator in midpipe section for less overall noise and less rasp
  • Great at the track, directs exhaust noise towards the ground for lower DB
  • All welds are Tig welded, shielded and purged with argon
  • Thick walled tubing .065" thickness for extra durability
  • Includes gasket, hardware, and v-band clamp
  • For off road use only
  • Made in the USA



If you would like this exhaust without our custom Helmholtz resonator please contact us. 

Not guaranteed to fit other brand downpipes, we designed this CBE using the OEM downpipe.

STi in video has our RT Catback with resonated mid-section, stock downpipe, stock turbo manifold.